The creator of the functions ‘copy’, ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ passed away

The ‘copy’, ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ functions make daily work with a computer, whether at work, studying or even having fun, easier.

But, very possibly, you do not know who was the creator of those aids and less than that genius of computing and technology died last Monday, February 17.

We are talking about Lawrence ‘Larry’ Tesler, a computer enthusiast who worked from a very young age in that world and who died at the age of 74.

Resultado de imagen de lawrence ‘Larry’ Tesler The news was published, on social networks and without giving more detail, Xerox Corporation, a company to which Tesler dedicated much of his wisdom. Larry passed away on Monday, so join us in celebrating. Your & nbsp; workday & nbsp; is made easier by his revolutionary ideas, “said Xerox. His life As reported by the chain ‘BBC’, Tesler was born in the Bronx, in New York, in 1945. He studied at Stanford University and specialized in user interface design, that is, “designing easier computer systems to use”. He started working in Silicon Valley, the area of ​​California where the most important technology companies are, in the early 1960s, with Xerox being his first. It was also on Apple, Yahoo and Amazon. His most important achievement was to create the computational functions ‘copy’, ‘cut’ and ‘paste’. In addition, he developed the ‘find and replace’ tool. “BBC” commented that Tesler relied “on the old method of editing, in which people physically cut fragments of printed texts and then pasted them where necessary.” The Museum of Computing History also paid tribute to the genius, whom he described as a man who “combined computer training with a countercultural vision that computers should be for everyone.”